NOTES IN 2020:

What a Year! We have all had to face the Covid 19 "situation" together, and each of us has experiences changes in our lives.  You know what they say . . . "Change is Good" - but this time it has ruffled our feathers good!  With most galleries closed, virtual shows, and lots of time on our hands, we have had to re-invent areas of our lives. During 2019 I had been exploring a couple new mediums, so I was inspired by the newness of my knowledge and materials. I had been exploring GOUACHE as a sort-of "travel medium" as it is quite portable.  I had plenty of experience with watercolor so I caught on fairly quickly. In fall I had done an intriguing series of small desert paintings after a trip to Moab for my son's wedding.  I hope you like them.  And right before the holidays I took some instruction on Batik Watercolor, so was ready to go with 2 new looks to explore as we headed into Covid 19.  Stay-At-Home was going to work for me. 

However, the new life Covid 19 imposed on me did not inspire me with much artistic energy. For the first 2 weeks I was busy making batik watercolor cards. Then I got distracted making face masks, which became another "art project" to match up colors and designs in my large stash of quilting fabric scraps!  I made about 100 masks before the fabrics just weren't matching up right!  As we watched the covid numbers grow, we were side-tracked by more important aspects of The Times, and it was mid-summer before I settled down.  That's when I started taking outings to paint on location. Now I paint almost every day. Play Outside and Stay-at-Home are working for me!  God Bless America.  We have to make wise decisions each day and believe there are better days ahead.  

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South Rim, Grand Canyon

South Rim, Grand Canyon
South Rim, Grand Canyon oil

South Rim, Grand Canyon

This past year I've enjoyed traveling to some beautiful places . . I love the light at canyons in the West in mid fall . . . the crisp clear air and changing colors boost the backdrop of the rock walls and shadows therein.

Fisher's Peak

Fisher's Peak
Fisher's Peak Acrylic

Rob's Truck

Rob's Truck
Rusted Truck Acrylic

Garden of Gods, Co Spgs

Garden of Gods, Co Spgs
Garden of Gods Park SOLD
My fascination with Northern New Mexico began when I was about 10. On a family trip to California we cut across into New Mexico. I will never forget my first glimpse of an adobe home - we came around a mountain curve and there it was tucked aside the road. Aglow in its warm earthen colors, surrounded by
and junipers. We were nearing Taos, where a Native American trader visited our dining table and sold my mother a Thunderbird necklace made of shell, coral and turquoise, every bead handmade. We dawdled in that area, drawn in by its charm. Some years later I lived in Albuquerque where I soaked up the culture. There I began studying painting with a wonderful artist named Ted Schuyler. Now I return to Northern New Mexico every chance I get! I have fallen in love with Taos and paint there every fall. When winter in the mountains gets long, I haul out my photos of Taos and revisit the charm of that area, and never forget to make my reservations for the coming fall!

The inspiration for my abstract work (acrylics/oils) is usually related to the crisp fall air of Taos - the colorful history, the eccentricity and creativity of the Taosenos; their Farmer's Market, the spaces and shapes, colors, and textures - including the scent of roasting chiles!!

taos Glow

taos Glow
Taos Glow 12x9 oil


"Chamisas" 12 x 9 oil

Warming Up

Warming Up
Warming Up 9x12 oil

LeDoux Street

LeDoux Street
Ledoux Street (11x14)


"Journey" 20x24 acrylic


"Revelation" acrylic

Pinnacle's Edge

Pinnacle's Edge
"Pinnacle's Edge" SOLD

Night Life

Night Life
"Night Life" SOLD


"Shift" SOLD

Exhibits & Awards

2019 Pitkin Art Show, Pitkin CO
2019 Colorado Watercolor Society "Splash of Colorado 2019, Gunnison, CO
2019 April Featured Artist, Boulder Street Gallery
2018 Pitkin Art Show, Pitkin, CO
2018 July Featured Artist, Boulder Street Gallery
2017 Dec. Featured Artist, Boulder Street Gallery
2017 Pitkin Art Show, Pitkin, CO
2017 GCAA Annual Juried Show, Central City, CO
2016 Dec.Featured Artist, Boulder St Gallery
2016 "Colorado Impressions" , Manitou Arts Center
2016 Fresh Colors Art Show at Cheyenne State Park
2016 FOX Garden Tour painter
2016 GCAA Annual Juried Show, Central City, CO
2016 Sunny Vista Juried Art Show, Co. Spgs
2015 International Watermedia XIX, Co. Spgs
2015 Merit Award, Sunny Vista Juried Art Show
2014 Aquarius National Watermedia Show, Sangre
de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo, CO
2014 Gallery 113 Featured Artist November, Co Spgs.
2014 Merit Award, Sunny Vista Juried Art Show
2014 Merit Award "Metamorphosis" Juried, Co. Spgs.
2013 "Own Your Own" Art Show, Sangre de Cristo
Arts Center, Pueblo, Co
2013 Gallery 113 Featured Artist October, Co Spgs
2013 Purchase Award, VCTA Paintout, Victor, Co.
2013 International Watermedia XVIII, Co Spgs
2013 Waldo Canyon Anniversary Exhibit, Co, Spgs.
2013 Colorado Springs Art Guild Spring Show
2012 Boulder-Chautauqua Juried Show, Boulder, Co.
2012 VCTA Paintout; Victor, Co.
2012 Colorado Springs Art Guild Fall Show
2012 "Mardi Gras" Show, Cottonwood Center, Co Spgs
2012 Merit Award, Central City Annual Juried Show
2011 "Chaps, Boots & Hats" Show, Co Springs, Co
2011 Merit Award, Central City Annual Juried Show
2010 Best of Show, Boulder-Chautauqua Juried Show
2010 GCAA Juried Annual Art Show, Central City, Co
2009 Gateway Canyons "Paint the Palisades", Gatewy
2009 Purchase Award VCTA Paintout, Victor, Co.
2009 Boulder-Chautauqua Annual Juried Show
2008 VCTA Paintout, Victor, Co.
2008 Merit Award, Co. Springs Art Guild Regional
2007 Colorado Springs Art Guild Fall Show
2006 Colorado Springs Art Guild Fall Show

Gallery & Professional Associations

Signature Member, Pikes Peak Watercolor Society
Boulder Street Gallery, Colorado Springs
Santa Fe Trails, Monument CO
Washington Hall Gallery, Central City CO
QT Country Store, Parlin CO
Gallery 113, Co Spgs.
Garden Artists, Co. Springs (coordinator) 2014-2015
Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo
Fratelli's Restaurant, Colorado Springs
The Great So
uthwest Gallery; Colorado Springs
Boulder Art Assn.; Boulder, Co.
Ikebana Chapter 95; Colorado Springs, Co
Board of Directors, Bemis Art School - 2005- 2007
Arati Gallery; Colorado Springs 1985-1991
Stuart-Buchanan; Denver, Vail
The Springs Gallery; Colorado Springs
The Depot Gallery; Colorado Springs
Denver Symphony Guild Show Homes
"Art of the Home" Show - Denver
"Art of the West" Invitational , Pioneer's Museum

Fun Reading for Artists!!!

  • "Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Susan Vreeland
  • "The Forest Lover" by Susan Vreeland
  • "The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver
  • "The Forger's Spell" by Edward Dolnick
  • "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Sara Houghteling
  • "Provenance" by Laney Salisbury & Aly Sujo
  • "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan
  • "The Golden Tulip" by Rosalind Laker
  • "Depths of Glory" by Irving Stone


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Photography by Bob Nuttelman